BloodWish is Coming – Only Nine Days To Go

Finally, after three years, I've finished writing BloodWish, the 4th and final installment of my Dantonville Legacy Series. It's currently with my editor and after that it'll go to my beta readers who'll check for any errors and typos before the publication date, December 19th.

That's only nine days away!

It's been a labour of love besides being a huge book to write, at around 100K words. But Alec and Laura's story was always meant to be an epic, and it will be hard saying goodbye to them, and the rest of my characters. But, alas, everything must end. Although, saying that, both Alec and Laura will make guest appearances in further books I've planned on the other major characters in the series, namely, Terens, Jake, Cal and Sam. Each of them has their own story to tell. So, stay tuned.

Other News

My books are no longer exclusive to Amazon. Yes, I've made the move to other platforms, so those who prefer to shop at iBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, or Tolino, Scribd etc can now purchase my books from these sites too. Links are below.  - All other retailers (iBooks, B&N) - Kobo - Amazon


If you're after some great holiday reading, why not check out some of these fabulous reads.


Welcome Back to the World of The Grid.
Where heroic bad-asses looking for a second chance fight a war among us in the shadows.

Marcus De Monte was born in Hell, both literally and figuratively. Birthed by a demon, sired by a human and considered a failure from the moment he took his first breath. Nothing more than fuel for the Hell fires. Allowed to live by Lucifer himself, he became determined to reach the top of the food chain by becoming an elite assassin in the Dark Lord’s army.
After reaching that bloody, hard-won goal he chose a path not ordered by Hell—one leading to love. But that love became doomed the moment it bloomed. Fueled by rage of its loss, his payment was the shameful duty of bodyguard to the Keeper of Madness – Reno Sundown and his family. But denied destiny has fatal consequences. The one chance Marcus had of being reunited with the one he loved vaporized.

But destiny has a way of masking itself until its time, and Marcus is no exception. Will the newest Keeper find his heartbeat, even when it beats quietly from the past?

Or has Hell played the ultimate trick on Marcus… and the past to burn love to ash once more?
And the dark power of Murder has a new host, and it has its own scores to settle.



They took her memories. Now she’s their pawn. To find out who stole her past, she must play their game-- but if she fails, she won't make it out alive.

The court is divided, and Maea is caught in the center. Although few know about her gift, her power to see the future makes her a valuable asset. When her vision saves a foreign princess, it exposes her power to the court.

Now everyone wants her for their own, and two men vie for her attention. Mysterious courtier Johai might know about her missing memories, and how she lost them, while charming prince Adair is a notorious rogue whom may have hidden motives of his own. They will both do anything to get her on their side.

Drawn into a web of courtly intrigue, Maea discovers ties to her forgotten past and uncovers dangerous secrets that threaten the kingdom, and her life. With no one to trust, she's caught in a game of head versus heart and must pick a side. But if she chooses the wrong one, she'll lose her head.

If you loved the courtly intrigue and romance of Kushiel’s Dart and Throne of Glass, you’ll love Nicolette Andrews’s Diviner’s Prophecy.

A story of love, magic, and betrayal that readers say left them guessing until the end. Get the first book in this addictive romantic fantasy series today!



She will become his submissive and his wife...
- A marriage arranged to seal a treaty
-An innocent bride with deep, unspoken desires
- A powerful warrior who holds tight to the ancient laws of honor
In a world alive with magic, Georg reigns supreme. He is a prince by blood and a general by skill and commitment. Alina is the unloved half-sister of a petulant, selfish emperor. Her hard early years have molded her into a woman of great self-control, but more than anything she wants to be overwhelmed by a powerful man who loves her. Can Georg earn her submission?

When his beloved collared bride is in danger will Georg find the strength to save them both? Return to the world of the Snowforce...

Publisher's Note: Her Gilded Dragon is a standalone shifter romance with domestic discipline scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.



Some wish for gifts for Christmas, Kenzi merely wishes to be spanked, tempted and teased this holiday season.

Life hadn’t been the same for Mackenzie after losing her best friend and Dom. And any sense of holiday spirit she may have had fizzled away with that loss. Knowing only grief, and sadness her friends began calling her the Grinch and scrooge. She couldn’t muster to get into the Christmas spirit and nor did she want too, but when her local mall posts a job listing for an elf to assist Santa, she knows it may be just be exactly what she needs.

The moment she meets the mall Santa, Damon, sparks fly and bottoms redden. He’s sexy, stern, and ignites a fire deep inside her belly, and it helps that he looks nothing like the Santa from her childhood. And suddenly wishes aren’t the only thing being done on Santa’s lap. Kenzi knows he won’t let her remain in such a sour mood, and instead he vows to show her the real meaning of Christmas.

But of course, somethings are too good to be true, leaving Kenzi to wonder when her needs become too much will she find a new Dom during the most magical time of the year, or is she doomed to hate Christmas forever?

Scroll up and one click this magical holiday sizzling romance today!



Betrothed to the King of Oran, Soriana must undergo a year of training to learn all that’s expected of her before the wedding, but when the king’s second in command, an unreachable man marred by scars, takes over her training, she’s finally rocked by the passion necessary to fulfill her new role as queen. Unable to keep her heart from the man she cannot have, but with the possibility of finally being able to change the lives of her people, and her childhood rival doing all she can to usurp her position, Soriana must decide if she’s strong enough to give up the love she never hoped to find to become the woman her people so desperately need.



Before Roger, the engagement ring and a new lease on life,
I was still Margaret Kellerman
and Liam...well he was still my best friend.

Back then, I had only one goal,
make Liam Collins H-O-T!
Well not too much, I didn't want anyone to know,
how amazing he was.

I always said he could use a little work,
so he wouldn't get picked on as much.
Not that he cared either way,
he wasn't one to give into popularity contests.

All he needed was the right look,
a new haircut, wardrobe and he even learned to
stop saying those corny one liners
and having soap box rants.

There's just one thing...


I didn't think he was going to be that hot...without my help.
After the makeover, the unwanted attention
laughter turning into tears and hope became let downs,
I used to think he was my best friend
and because of Liam, I don't anymore.

AUTHOR NOTE: This is different from the ULTRA SPICY contemporary romances I generally write. If I would to label it, I would probably say it's a mesh of Chic Lit, Romantic Comedy and on the tame end of contemporary romance.

I still recommend you be 18+ to read this book



And finally, if I've whetted your appetite with a fabulous lineup of books, here's a little bit more - M.A. Jewell's, Precious Gems Newsletter, filled to the brim with more goodies for your reading pleasure.

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