2015 - SNSBAH Promotions - Best of the Best Winner (3rd Place) in Favourite Urban Fantasy Book
2015 - SNSBAH Promotions - Best of the Best Winner (3rd Place) in Favourite Young Adult Book

Laura and Alec’s story continues in this third book of the Dantonville Legacy series.

Outwitting a hundred-year-old Russian vampire-monk, beheading rogue vampires and dealing with a creepy housekeeper wasn’t what Laura Dantonville expected on her first visit to her family’s ancestral home.

What do you do when the person you’re meant to trust turns into your betrayer?

Having survived torture at the hands of Rebel leader Count Timur’s sadistic henchman, Rasputin, Alec sets out to end the rebellion by turning the Rebels against themselves – by giving them what they want.

It’s the only way to ensure a safe future for him and Laura.

Laura has an engagement ring on her finger and a determination to fight to protect those she loves. Warrior-princess she may not be, but acquiring new skills with sword and dagger is giving her the confidence to face any personal threat the remaining Rebels may pose.

After intercepting a message from the Rebels the Dantonvilles immediately relocate from Sydney to the safety of the family chateau in France.

But apparent safety can be deceiving.

A festering evil lurks within its walls.

Will they discover it in time?

Or will everything the family has worked for over the last eighteen hundred years be destroyed by one of their own?

*Fans of Terens and Kari (from BloodGifted and BloodPledge, Books 1 and 2) will enjoy seeing them play a significant role in this latest instalment of the Dantonville Legacy series.