Month: March 2019

The Dantonville Legacy Box Set is LIVE!

It's been an amazing week culminating in the publication of my first ever box set.

And here it is!

I absolutely love the cover, especially the silhouette of Alec and Laura on the side. And for those who, as yet, haven't read the series, I've numbered them in order so you know exactly where to start. Unfortunately, there wasn't room on the spine to add the word Prequel to Laura's Locket, and somehow a zero number - is zero a number? - doesn't look as good. So, as you can see, it's numberless.

Anyways, hours of reading pleasure await.

Plus, you're getting $25.95 of value at ONLY $9.95!


Also, quite a few people have bought the paperbacks. Thank you, lovelies ♥♥♥ To show my appreciation, I'm giving away these lovely hooked metal key rings. After all, what better way to mark your place in Dantonville than with one of these shiny, sparkly goodies: a fantasy key ring for a fantasy story.

I have six to giveaway. Just send me a pic of your paperback purchase receipt (in the comments section of this blog) and I'll post one off to you. And, if you've already purchased one, same thing: just add a pic of your receipt.

Easy peasy.

I made a couple for myself and they look gorgeous hanging down the sides of my current reads.

Other News

When not plotting and planning and outlining and writing my next book, I do tile painting. I use a combination of painting and decoupage, then give it at least 20 coats of varnish to seal it all and create a hardy finish. It's my down-time, my way to relax and let my thoughts wander ... usually while listening to music or watching an old murder mystery on TV.  It's a great way to be creative without straining to meet a deadline or worry about troublesome fictional characters. Not that my characters are a problem. They always tell me exactly what they want to do and I comply!

If you'd like to share what you do to relax, let me know in the comments section.


As you know I like to share the work of fellow authors.

Check out M A Jewell's new release: Jungle Salvation

Dragged back into the human world by well-meaning friends, jaguar shifter Matteo D’Cruz realizes he’s been in cat form for over seventy years. With another transformation, he could lose his tenuous hold on his humanity. There’s no salvation for a feral shifter, only execution. Damaged by grief and guilt, he’s not sure he cares. However, when he discovers an unmated female shifter, he can’t resist her scintillating allure or his instinct to protect her at all costs.

Carefree Dakota Gorman travels to Brazil to rescue her sister. Determined to expose the drug lords who have manipulated her sibling into a hurried wedding, she’s certain the baffling hottie Matteo is one of them. After Dakota’s sister turns into a giant jaguar before her eyes, she must confront a new reality, one including hidden family traits.

Matteo helps her trigger her first exhilarating metamorphosis into a jaguar, leaving no doubt about her genetics, but her joy is cut short. A blackmailer sends Matteo a video of her transformation, demanding DNA samples. The extortionist threatens to post the recording to the internet and expose the shifters to the world. Dredging up courage she didn’t know she had, Dakota joins Matteo and the other jag shifters to save her family—and her new species—from scientific experimentation.


That's all for now.

Until next time, happy reading,


BloodWish Paperback is NOW Available … and Much More.

It's taken a while, but the paperback copy of BloodWish is finally available on Amazon. I'm thrilled my readers can now download the print copy to either accompany their ebook or add to their print collection. My fabulous art designer, JC Clarke, did a fantastic job creating the beautiful cover. I can't stop looking at it. And my formatter (an amazing cover designer herself), the uber talented, Patti Roberts, designed the interior, including the symbolic sword graphic at the beginning of each chapter. Kudos to the one who rightly guesses who the sword refers to. You  might be surprised.


In other exciting news, I'll be releasing a box set of the entire Dantonville Legacy Series (including the prequel, Laura's Locket, as a bonus) later this month. There'll be over 2,600 pages of action-packed steamy romance to savour and devour. PLUS, it'll be selling for just $9.99! That's $25.95 worth of reading value for less than $10!

It's one heck of a bargain, wouldn't you agree?

Here's a sneak peek at the cover -

As soon as it's published, you will be the first to know. Perhaps I may even do a little giveaway to celebrate. I have so many beads, baubles and shiny lovelies left over from my jewellery making days (another hobby of mine) that I'm tempted to make a few goodies, like a one-off set of key rings, pendants and bookmarks that, in colour and design, reflect the themes in the books.

I'll keep you posted.

In the meanwhile, have a look at the latest new release by MA Jewell - Jungle Rapture. For those of you who enjoy a good shifter romance, click on the link below.

**Whet your appetite for Book II’s release on March 15th**

For a limited time only, JUNGLE RAPTURE, the jaguar queens book i is on sale for $0.99 at all major booksellers. 

Jungle Rapture

An advocate for endangered species,  Kelsi Gorman travels to the Brazilian Amazon to investigate rumors of a mysterious black jaguar the size of a saber-toothed tiger. Instead, the enormous cat finds her knee-deep in mud, blood, and smugglers.

Jaime Salazar, one of a few surviving all-male jaguar shifters, encounters a scent he'd never thought to find –female jag shifter. Jag queens exist only in the elders' stories, but someone's staked out a she-cat like poacher’s bait.

In a fit of primal instinct, Jaime marks Kelsi as his mate. Now, no other female will arouse him. To avoid a long celibate life, he is forced to woo his reluctant mate to be. But first, he must keep her alive.


Until next time, happy reading,