Month: September 2018

News and Spring Update

Hi everyone,

It's September here in  Sydney (Australia) and it's Spring. I love Spring. All the flowers are out and my garden is bursting with fresh new blooms. I have an enclosed back verandah/conservatory, which I call my sunroom with wall to wall windows that open directly onto the garden. My desk is right beneath one of them, so when open, the breeze wafts the delicious scent of flowers right to me ... and then I sneeze and sneeze and sneeze!

But hey, I still love Spring.


Book News

Firstly - BloodWish should be released this Christmas! I know it's taken a long time to get this final book in this series out, but it's been a trying two years, and as always, family comes first. So, I'm thrilled to be near the end. It's been such a great series to write. 

Also, I love that moment when the image on a book cover is explained. For BloodWish, there's a picture of Laura wearing a stunning garnet and gold headdress/tiara type thing. It's just gorgeous. First moment I saw the cover model with it on, I knew exactly why she was wearing it. And ... I just finished writing that chapter. 

I love it when things come together 

Secondly - From October, I'll be removing my books from Kindle Unlimited and selling them on all other retail sites. So those of you who prefer to buy elsewhere than Amazon, you'll now be able to purchase them on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo ... etc, too.

I'm so excited about that.

BloodPledge and BloodVault needs reviews, so ... 

If you feel so inclined, here are some easy links to leave one:

Review BloodPledge on Amazon  US

Review BloodVault on Amazon US 

So, until next time,

Happy reading